The Trick to Making Work Trips More Comfortable: Corporate Rentals

One of the main reasons that work trips are uncomfortable is because you are crammed inside of the hotel room that is simply too small for more than a few nights. If your work trips are generally a few weeks or even a few months, you cannot be expected to live out of the hotel room for that long. The solution is to look into corporate rentals where you will be more comfortable and save the company some money.

Corporate rentals have quite a few things more than what the average hotel has. Beyond, it also has a kitchen, and actual bedroom, and even a washer and dryer. This means no trips to the fast food restaurants and no trips to the laundromat. This is going to save a considerable amount of money and ensure that you feel a little bit more at home for his long as your business trip lasts.

Corporate rentals can be done weekly, monthly, or even annually. If your company sends a lot of people to the same area over and over again, it may be more advantageous to simply get a corporate rental that is being used all the time by different people. This makes it easier to ensure you know where everybody is at all times. It also prevents you from having to work out a “special” rate with a local hotel.

If you are able to tell all of your employees about corporate rentals instead of hotels, you can make work trips sound a lot more inviting. Some of your top employees may be declining going to retreat, conferences, and necessary training simply because they do not want to live out of the hotel room for weeks on end. If you can entice them with a corporate rental that has all the amenities of home, you may be finally able to get them on the plane and into the city you need them to be in.

Corporate rentals are generally always furnished. This ensures that you don’t have to spend any more money than you absolutely have to. You pay the rent and that’s it. Within the rental, your employees will find a dining room, a kitchen that is fully loaded with dishes and pots and pans, a couch, TV, Internet, cable, and comfortable bed with plenty of sheets and bathroom filled with towels. You simply cannot provide better for your employees at this point.

You should always be looking out for your employees. Whether it is you that’s going on the travel or it is your employees, you want to make sure they are comfortable. Hotel rooms are small. There is no room to spread out. The only option for food is going out. There’s limited room for seating and there’s no desk – and if there is one, it is very small. Work trips are designed for working. You want your employees well rested and you want to give them an opportunity to be able to work – and this is why corporate rentals are generally more comfortable and more preferred.