Corporate Housing Can Be More Comfortable

Your employer has just told you that you are going to a particular city for longer than a week. You already know that you go stir crazy inside of a hotel room after a few days. If you have to stay in a hotel room for even longer, you know that you are going to lose a significant amount of sleep – and this is going to make you less productive in the office. The solution is to recommend a corporate housing to your employer.

Corporate housing can be an apartment or house. Essentially, it allows you to live like you would at home. It is a furnished place with a larger floor plan as well as all of the amenities that you need on a day-to-day basis. You can sign a lease for a week, month, or even longer. Depending upon how long you are in town for, it’s going to be the best option because it’s going to provide you with the highest level of comfort.

When you take advantage of corporate housing, you are going to have an actual bedroom, kitchen, and living room. By having separate rooms, it will be easier to have more space to spread out as well as to be able to have company over – either to stay the night or simply to provide you with some entertainment. When you are away from your own home for more than a week, this is very important.

If your company does not traditionally offer corporate housing, you have to make the argument as to why they should put you up in a furnished apartment as opposed to a hotel room. If you show your employer what an average expense report looks like for trip inside of a hotel room, you will easily win your argument within moments.

One of the reasons for this is because they have to pay you for all of the food that you eat. Whether you are on a per diem or they pay you per meal, you will be able to save the company money with corporate housing. A furnished apartment is going to provide you with a kitchen – allowing you to cook your own meals instead of eating out. A grocery bill is going to be considerably less for an entire week than likely one dinner out will cost.

You also have to look at the cost of the actual corporate housing versus the cost of a hotel room. Your Houston corporate housing is going to get less expensive with a longer lease. Hotel rooms are going to cost the same night after night – and may even become more expensive on weekends, holidays, and special events.

Ultimately, unless you are the owner of the company, you don’t really care about the costs because your company is taking care of it for you. However, you do care about being comfortable while you are in town on business. If you have to use the argument that it will save the company money, it is beneficial for you to do so to ensure you are comfortable in corporate housing.