Options Available with Corporate Housing

When you choose to live in corporate housing, you have a variety of options. It is important to know about all of these options before you sign a lease to ensure that you get everything that you want. You may be surprised at the number of options available – especially if you are used to staying at a hotel where options are extremely limited.

The Number of Bedrooms

Corporate housing is usually in the form of a house or an apartment. Because it is not an efficiency layout, you will be able to find two, three, and even four-bedroom layouts. This can be extremely beneficial if you are sending more than one employee to a city. It can also be beneficial if you are sending an employee that has a family. By having multiple rooms, it is easier for an employee to feel at home – especially if it means they can bring their family with them or have their family visit from time to time.

Corporate housing is not always in the same building or the same neighborhood. As a result, you will have to determine which options are of the utmost importance to you to determine what size housing you can get. If it is important to get a three or four bedroom layout, you may have to give up some of the other options.

Location, Location, Location

When you look into corporate housing, you will be able to find places in a variety of neighborhoods. You may want to live in the heart of the city to be close to work or you may want to live in the suburbs to get an idea as to the best neighborhoods to look for a house. Much of this has to do with what you plan on doing – are you relocating or are you in town until the project is done? This will often dictate where you live.

Some corporate housing is found in apartment buildings while others can be condos, duplexes, or even houses. If you have a preference, it will often determine where you are living. For example, apartment buildings and condos tend to be closer to the city while duplexes and houses are further away.


As you explore the different types of corporate housing, you will find an array of different amenities. While many of them contain the same features – a full kitchen, washer and dryer, cable TV, and Wi-Fi, there are differences as well. If you choose a condo, you may have access to covered parking and even a fitness center. If you choose an apartment, you may have a pool, tennis courts, and much more. If you have a house, there may be fireplaces, an enclosed swimming pool, and other features.

Ultimately, when you explore the options with corporate housing in Houston, you have to look at how long you will be in town for and whether you will be sharing the space with anyone else. This will help you figure out where you want to stay and what kinds of features you want.