How To Make A Temporary Space Feel Like Home

If you’ve just made a temporary move to Houston (or you will soon), Houston corporate executive lodging is the way to go—but how do you make it feel like home? No matter what your budget may be, search no further then this guide. Whether you’re staying for a week, a few months (or even a year), our handy guide will allow your corporate Houston apartment immediately to feel cozy and comfortable.

Turn Your Houston Corporate Housing Space Into a Familiar Place To Be

It doesn’t matter how long you stay in your temporary living space, or how far you’re traveling from. You want to feel like your temporary space is comfortable, luxurious and, at the same time, familiar. Step one? Decorate your corporate Houston apartment with sentimental framed photos and scents that remind you of home! Decorate your temporary bedroom in a similar way your bedroom at home is designed. Those pictures you adore from last year’s beach vacation that sit on your dresser? Place them on your dresser here. That rose-lavender room spray you love to mist around your living room? Spray it in your temporary living space, and immediately bring yourself back to a place of comfort, and familiarity.

Turn Your Houston Corporate Housing Into a ‘Green’ Paradise!

If you find yourself on a tight budget, there are some simple, cost-effective decorating hacks you can use to spruce up your Houston corporate living space. In fact, all it really takes is a trip to your neighborhood superstore. Stock up on some greenery, like sturdy ivy plants, hanging terrariums, or even a small herb garden such as basil, mint and oregano (then use the herbs to cook with!) The ‘green touch’ is a great way to brighten up your Houston temporary corporate space and make you feel right at home.

Your Executive Housing Trick To Make The Whole Family Happy

Is your whole family gearing up for a temporary housing move to Houston? The more the merrier—but it’s important that everyone feels at home (including the kids!) Give your kids a fun task to prepare, by allowing them to each take three of their favorite toys with them. Just don’t forget to do the same for yourself! Take along your favorite blanket, a few books you enjoy (even ones that are comforting to re-read), or your favorite tea you can’t get anywhere else but home.

At Executive Lodging, our goal is simple: to provide each guest with luxurious daily, weekly, monthly or annual executive Houston apartments. During your stay, you’ll feel at home (especially when you follow our guide), but you’ll also feel like you’re on vacation. Contact us to request a reservation today!