8 Advantages to Corporate Housing

Business trips are expensive. The only thing more expensive is long-term business trips where you may be in town for weeks or months on end. In this case, corporate housing in Houston has a lot of different advantages. From the cost of the housing to all of the amenities included, it will make life much more comfortable for you.

  1. More affordable. Corporate housing can be a lot more affordable for you. You aren’t likely to get much of a price cut on a hotel when you’re staying there night after night. The hotel bills can add up quickly. It can be more advantageous to rent a place for the week or month and enjoy better amenities.
  2. Better furniture. You’re going to enjoy better furniture inside of corporate housing than in a hotel. This means a more comfortable bed as well as more furniture to be able to spread out and enjoy yourself. You can make yourself comfortable on a couch, have dinner at a dining room table and even get work done at an actual desk.
  3. More like home. Hotels are small. Even when you get a deluxe room or a suite, they can still be very small. When you’re spending weeks or months in the same space, you need a place that feels more like home. With furnished apartments and condos as your options, you will have all the space you need.
  4. Full kitchen. Eating out can add up – not to mention that it can be very unhealthy. If you’re tired of eating out every time you’re on a long-term business trip, there is an alternative. Corporate housing offers full kitchens. You can use the fridge, microwave, stove and oven to store and cook your food every night of the week if you desire. This will save you money and make
  5. Washer & Dryer. Doing your laundry at the laundromat or sending it to the dry cleaners can add up fast. In fully stocked houses and apartments, there are washers and dryers. This way you can do all of your own laundry and do it cheaper than if you were staying in a hotel.
  6. Maid service available. One of the main reasons people stay in hotels is because of the maid service. However, corporate housing can provide maid service as well. This way you can have someone come in to clean the bathrooms, take out the trash and even change the bed linens for you.
  7. Closer to work. You may be able to locate housing that is closer to where you work. Especially if you have to do a lot of commuting because there aren’t many hotels in the area, you may be spending a lot in gas. You may be surprised by what’s near you for rent, however.
  8. Many options. Corporate housing can come in many different styles. You may be able to find high-rises, private homes, condos and much more. This will provide you with the style you want at the price you want to pay.